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Why Neutering and spaying Is Important


Many dog owners are usually hesitant when it comes to spaying their pet. This is attributed to the fact that, most pet owners fear that spraying is painful. For other pet owners, the actual benefits of neutering are not known.  For others, it is feared that the cost may be too high. However, these two procedures are quite important as they have several advantages.  Also worth noting is the fact that the procedures are relatively low, considering the several benefits that one gets to enjoy over time.

So, What Exactly Is Neutering and of What Importance Is It to A Dog?

Neutering is primarily defined as a surgical procedure that aims at removing the male dog’s testicles. Spraying on the other hand is defined as the surgical amputation of reproductive organs of a female dog.  Worth noting is the fact that both operations are usually carried out when the pet is under anesthesia. The length of the procedure is dependent on size, age as well as health of the dog.

ü      These procedures have several advantages. For one, they help a dog live a healthier and longer life. In addition, spaying and neutering helps to eliminate some health problems that may be quite expensive to treat.

ü      If you are worried about the dog getting mammary cancer, then spaying is inevitable. This is for the reason that, spaying a dog before its first estrous cycle reduces the chances of mammary, ovarian as well as uterine cancer.

ü      Spaying a dog also helps in eliminating the heat cycle. This eliminates the probability that unwanted dogs will visit your home

ü      Neutering on the other hand is important if one want to reduce the chances that the dog will suffer from testicular cancer.

ü      For the community, these procedures help to get rid of stray dogs that may be a threat to wildlife as well as birds.

ü      To come to a conclusion, neutering and spaying helps to stop irresponsible breeding. As a matter of fact, such breeding is the root cause of most dangerous dot attacks and bites.